How AirHelp Got Me $623 for a Delayed Flight –

How AirHelp Got Me $623 for a Delayed Flight

Delayed, canceled and overbooked flights happen every day of the year and you may be entitled to compensation. Some airlines may offer vouches in return for a delay but most of the time they do very little or nothing about the situation. This is when the AirHelp team comes to the rescue.

AirHelp Will Get You Paid

I wrote about AirHelp when they launched and have always thought it was a great idea. However, I haven’t had the chance to give it an updated test run until my recent delay on Norwegian Air. On a normal 1-2 hour delay I don’t worry about it and relax at the airport but Norwegian Air’s lack of support and customer service offered the perfect chance to try out AirHelp again.

How AirHelp Got Me $623 for a Delayed Flight

This was my first time flying Norwegian Air and possibly my last. They are a budget carrier so no frills is expected but how they handled a delay in Guadeloupe was disappointing. The booking process, baggage, flight attendants, and flying experience were all ok. The problem with Norwegian is there complete lack of customer service and their complete disregard for timely assistance.

How AirHelp Got Me $623 for a Delayed Flight

My flight form Guadeloupe to NYC was delayed 12 hours. Norwegian Air didn’t offer to comp any meals or taxi fare back to the city after I submitted my claims through their website. This is when I turned to AirHelp to see what they could do for me. It is completely free to check if you can submit a claim and they take a fee if they win. Seems like a fair deal since I couldn’t do it easily without their legal team.

How AirHelp Got Me $623 for a Delayed Flight

I submitted this claim for two passengers. You can add all of the passengers from your party that traveled together to one claim to make it simple. The total amount I received for two passengers was actually $835.55 USD. Not bad for a few minutes of work.

How AirHelp Got Me $623 for a Delayed Flight

The service fee isn’t small but at no time do you have to enter credit card information or pay AirHelp any money. They only take a fee if they win and do all of the work. Norwegian Air is one of the few airlines that refuses to cooperate with AirHelp so it took a few extra days. However, in the end I can use this money to cover my expenses from the delay and book another flight.

Know Your Passenger Rights

What many passengers don’t realize is they have more rights than the airlines may lead you to believe. Compensation is often in order but not given for delays and cancellations. Compensation will vary by country, departure city, and time delayed but it can’t hurt to see if you have the right to compenstion.

Here is a sample for EU passengers:

EC 261 states that air passengers must be financially compensated if their flight is canceled or overbooked (unless the cancellation is due to extraordinary circumstances beyond the airline’s control). Additionally, the EU’s Court of Justice (EUCJ) ruled in 2012 that passengers whose flight arrives three hours late or more are also entitled to financial compensation (unless the delay is due to extraordinary circumstances beyond the airline’s control).
And for Americans:
You’re eligible for financial compensation if you’re denied boarding, as stated in The Code of Federal Regulations, Title 14, Aeronautics and Space, Part 250. According to this rule, you’re eligible for 200% of your one-way fare if you get to your final destination between one and two hours late. There is a cap of $650 on this compensation. If you arrive at your final destination more than two hours late, you’re eligible for 400% of your one-way fare, with a cap of $1,300.00.

AirHelp Review: They Will Get You Paid

How AirHelp Got Me $623 for a Delayed Flight

Not all flights and delays will qualify for compensation but it is free to find out. If you experienced a delay, cancellation or were bumped from a flight then check your compensation status for free on AirHelp. You never know if you will be entitled to compensation from the airline. The bottom line is AirHelp will get you paid if your flight is eligible for compensation.

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