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17 Examples Why Luanda, Angola Is The Most Expensive City In The World

If you ask people which city is the most expensive in the world, you will probably get responses like New York, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Zurich, or even Dubai.  However, the answer will likely shock you.  The most expensive city in the world is Luanda, Angola.

Angola is an African nation on the Atlantic side of the continent housing a population of just over 28 million people.  The countries main revenue generator is the oil industry, which brings workers in from all over the world.  Due to the fact that everything must be imported into the country, along with the deep pockets of the oil company employees, prices for the average goods have skyrocketed.  You won’t believe what some items cost in Angola.

1. A burger will have you spending $27!

2. Coke costs $5.

3. One movie ticket is valued at $22.

4. A night of hotel accommodation will cost you $500. Whoa!

5. House/apartment rent is valued at $10,000 up to $15,000 a month. Life’s quite tough in Luanda, eh?

6. A pound of tomatoes? Sixteen freakin’ dollars!

7. Restaurant meals are priced at $100 per human being.

8. And, some entrées cost $150 per serving. I don’t even know what to say right now!

9. You’ll have to spend $90 a day for renting a saloon car sans a driver. If you prefer SUV, that’s $200 a day. No big deal!

10. A can of bean sprouts is NOT SO SURPRISINGLY valued at $6.

11. Frozen meat is priced at $45 a kilo. Imagine how much the fresh one would cost you!

12. A birthday cake in Luanda, especially if you want to have it customized, can cost up to $350. A happy and broke birthday to me then!

13. Hotel buffets start at $75.

14. Don’t be fooled by those slices of pizza you see on the streets of Luanda. They cost $25 apiece!

15. Think twice about hailing a taxi, unless you don’t mind paying $50 per ride!

16. A piece of avocado is being sold at $5. There’s probably a fiber of gold inside, I’m really not sure.

17. One melon costs $100. Wait, am I just dreaming or what?!

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