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The 11 Most Beautiful Beach Towns In The World

Few experiences rival the joy of traveling to a beautiful seaside location. With the ample sun, open waters, and good-natured locals, nothing can get in the way of a relaxing vacation. Nothing, that is, but busy crowds jostling for the same thing you are: the best hotels, dining options, and spots on the beach to enjoy. But don’t let that get in your way of enjoying some breathtaking seaside escapes. From tiny islands off the coats of Thailand to seemingly forgotten towns along Oregon’s Pacific coast, AD survey’s the eleven best small beach towns around the globe you’ll be sure to enjoy — without the hassle of large crowds. In fact, these locations are so beautifully quaint, you’ll likely daydream of leaving your desk job to move to one of these spots for good.

St. George’s, Bermuda

Not only is the town of St. George’s in Bermuda a UNESCO World Heritage Site (for the fact that it was the third successful English settlement behind St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Jamestown, Virginia), but it’s also a wonderful place to relax in paradise without the crowds. Indeed, with crystal-clear waters and buildings that feature white limestone roofs and exteriors painted in vibrant pastels, St. George’s is a must-visit.

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