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The Best Malibu Airbnb: My Airstream Dream Experience

The Airstream Dream in Malibu

Before booking an Airbnb rental I look for unique properties based on the location and reviews. This Malibu Airbnb had the most amazing location and an overwhelmingly popular review section. The Airstream sleeps 3 with one bed but I would recommend it for two people who are comfortable sharing a bed. There is an outdoor bathroom, shower, and running water. A third person could sleep on the couch and will definitely need a sleeping bag because it gets cold at night.

The Best Malibu Airbnb: The Airstream Dream

I would compare this to a luxury camping experiences, however, our water tank ran out of water on the first night after little to no use. The owner assured us this isn’t normal but I would still treat this Airbnb as  luxury camping and don’t expect long warm showers or a bathroom inside your house. There is a very nice bathroom constructed near the Airbnb with a well-lit path to find your way at night.  But remember you are staying there for the view and the experience in a one of a kind Airstream rental.

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