Top 10 restaurants in Turkey –

Top 10 restaurants in Turkey

The location of a country like Turkey can deeply affect the versatility when it comes to cooking style, flavor and presentation of food. Set right in the middle of Western Europe and Eastern Asia, separated by the Bosphorus strait, the country is connected historically with Greek, Persian, Roman and Ottoman empire influences. I found Turkish cuisine sophisticated, high quality and generally very healthy. All of the Turkish restaurants I visited, only used the freshest local ingredients as possible and all items were made on-site. Although my restaurant selections are located in different coasts, each stick to traditional Turkish roots while offering a variety of flare, ambiance and vibe. Turkey is definitely a must visit foodie destination. Here are the top restaurants I enjoyed and will for sure leave a lasting impact to any traveler.


1. Tugra

Tugra restaurant is located inside the iconic and luxurious Ciragan Palace in Istanbul. Get ready to dine like royalty as if you were re-living the days of the Ottaman empire. The menu is lavish, elegant and historically inspired. The service was world-class and you can feel the vibe of Istanbul while seated in between old marble columns on the terrace while looking over the stunning Bosphorus with the sight of the Asian shore across the strait. The attention to detail and overall experience was excellent.


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