Top 5 Exotic Destinations To Include In Your 2022 Travel Plans –

Top 5 Exotic Destinations To Include In Your 2022 Travel Plans

With innumerable travel destinations scattered across the globe, planning for your 2018 vacation can be a daunting task, to say the least. There’s a whole world to explore but why not think out of the box and visit some of the less traveled exotic destinations?

Here are our top 5 places that you may want to include in your 2018 travel plans, from idyllic islands to adventurous African safaris.

1.) Laya: Bhutan’s Highest Settlement

If mountain trekking and cultural festivals are your thing, the Royal Highland Festival awaits you in Laya, Bhutan. Trek to Laya, the highest settlement in Bhutan for the third annual Royal Festival and regale in the region’s rich cultural heritage. At almost 4,000 meters above sea level, Laya is ranked among the highest human settlements on Earth. It is an exotic destination less crowded by the usual touristy suspects. The Royal Highlander Festival is a show of color and pomp in the true Himalayan nomad culture. Prepare to be amazed by exciting highlander sports such as horse riding, archery, yak beauty contests, and colorful highlander attire.


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